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Key learnings from completed local authority migrations

The information on this page contains key learnings from the local authorities perspective for each completed migration to date.

Digital LLC Data

  1. Watford Borough Council (ODT 32KB)
  2. Lambeth Borough Council (ODT 34KB)
  3. Blackpool Council (ODT 39KB)
  4. Warwick District Council (ODT 36KB)
  5. Liverpool City Council (ODT 35KB)

Electronic LLC Data

  1. City of London Corporation (ODT 37KB)

Hybrid LLC Data

  1. Milton Keynes Council (ODT 33KB)
  2. Carlisle City Council (ODT 33KB)
  3. East Lindsey District Council (ODT 33KB)
  4. Norwich City Council (ODT 33KB)
  5. Peterborough City Council (ODT 32KB)

Paper-based LLC Data

  1. Council of the Isles of Scilly (ODT 34KB)