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Information to help your migration

The resources in this section explain the purpose of the LLC service, what support you can get from HM Land Registry and more about your role in migrating your data. All of the documents and links below contain information only and require no direct action from you.

  1. Information about the Local Land Charges Programme
  2. Benefits of HM Land Registry's digital Register to local authorities (PDF 2.17MB)
  3. Benefits of HM Land Registry's digital Register to customers (PDF 2.17MB)
  4. Options for updating the register in live service (ODT 32KB)
  5. New Burdens summary (PDF 40KB)
  6. New Burdens information (PDF 40KB)
  7. Preparing data for the new digital register
  8. An introduction to Lessons Learnt from completed migrations (PDF 2.17MB)
  9. Roles and responsibilities (ODT 64KB)
  10. How migration affects the Local Land Charges Officer’s role (PDF 64KB)
  11. Data quality approach (ODT 1.76MB)
  12. Introduction to our agreements (PDF 100KB)
  13. Our new Delivery Partners and the incumbent Delivery Partners services (PDF 100KB)
  14. Improved LLC search service (PDF 100KB)


  1. Local Land Charges Officer role – as told by one of our advocates (MP4 4 minutes 29 seconds)